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Business Email VS Free Email

Correo electronico empresarial vs correo gratuito

The business email It is not only an information exchange tool, but also a marketing resource. It is thanks to him that we will be able to support the positioning of our company by incorporating the name of our company within our mail address.

Is not the same to

Business email

Free Email (Gmail, Outlook)

Business email with Rackspace

Rackspace Business Email gives us the opportunity to give a professional image when communicating with our clients; in the same way, it gives our employees a corporate identity that respects and supports the company they represent.


The companies that use free email platforms They generate a bit of mistrust, since they do not seem to invest enough in their corporate image and therefore, it makes us think that their services can have the same level of commitment and quality.

By being part of a free email provider, it is quite possible to come across different advertising banners, or even be bombarded with advertisements.

Benefits of having a business email

  • Brand projection:

    Present our brand in each email, giving a serious image and distinguishing it from propaganda and spam.

  • Manage your company:

    It allows you to have lines of work and groups from which you can monitor the emails that the members of your company sent depending on their department.

  • E-Mail Marketing:

    You can do massive mailing campaigns, in which your message can be sent to all your clients, or to the list of clients of your choice.

  • Group emails:

    Create groups for a certain area, in this way when a client communicates the department can respond instantly.

  • Greater security:

    Since there is a lot of confidential information that can be compromised, as well as documents and customer data that are put at risk.

  • Control of new accounts:

    You can generate new accounts when hiring staff.

  • Separate personal matters:

    It is essential for a professional level company to separate personal issues from work issues, as a leaked personal email to a client would be frowned upon.

Successful communication .

Today more and more users are looking for a certain level of seriousness Y professionalism In the companies with which they collaborate, this is why the corporate image and with it the business email become a fundamental tool.

Acquire your email quickly and advised by experts.

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