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How to make backup copies for your company

Como hacer copias de seguridad de datos

Enough that s Urge a computer problem for sensitive files like customer data, work in progress, legal information are deleted and are damaged or useless.

A solution to this is to make online backups or make backups .

“These virtual disks allow you to restore the original file and store all the important documentation of your company to combat data loss in case of a problem.”

How is a backup made?

If you want to know how make the best backups online, we give you five possible ways.

You are going to need 2 things: software to make the copies and a place to store them.

Five ways to back up

There are several ways to store files or data safely. The challenge is to find one that really suits the features your company needs and be as safe as possible.

1. Windows Backups

If the volume of work is small, perhaps you just need to schedule Windows backups to automatically save files to a pen-drive, CD / DVD or external hard drive.


  • Risk of damage to the device and another risk of reduced storage space.
  • Also a disadvantage is the fact that you will be outsourced to only one physical device; each employee should have one on their computer.

2. Free backup software.

There are many free backup programs to install on your PC, Mac or Linux and that will allow you to have automatic copies of your files, in the cloud and on external devices.


  • The lack of preparation of some cloud services for the encryption of stored data.

3. Backup for companies

One of the safest and most comfortable options is to have a business backup that is stored in the cloud.

The information is automatically saved every day and is encrypted to comply with the Organic Law on Data Protection , which does not happen with services from foreign companies such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Users can access backups conveniently with your own user information and password and, if a problem arises, files or data can be restored or recovered quickly and without the danger of information loss. If you need more space, you can hire more.

Learn more about how to make your backup copies with I eat with Acronis – Comtodo

4. Manually, with an external hard drive

Another option that exists is for users to make a daily backup of the work they have done on an external hard drive. They are small devices, which do not cost more than € 50-60 and in which you can save large number of files . There are those that offer you a space of 500 GB, 1 Terabyte and higher amounts.


  • It depends on the human factor. The user has to be recording daily, or hourly, to make sure that your data is saved and tomorrow you can get them back.
  • Physical devices are easier to break than cloud programs. However, it is a valid method if you do not want to spend too much.

5. Using your own software and data center

For companies with a higher volume of investment, it can be interesting to have their own data center and maintain their own servers. Distributing the Backups at various points, through a network of computers and devices, information would be stored on servers, and in the event that a computer crashed and work was lost, data could be easily recovered.

It is the only existing alternative to outsourcing the data backup service. However, it has its drawbacks.


  • The direct cost (not only of hardware, but also of personnel, installation, electricity costs, etc.).
  • You need to spend a large amount of time on its maintenance and you must take care of replacing the hardware when it breaks down.

Have you had any kind of problem loss or deletion of data ?

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