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Email – Reasons to Choose Our Service

Do you manage your business?

We will manage your email! Your business deserves first-class quality, the best possible spam protection, and affordable solutions delivered by seasoned professionals like us. Ongoing email support is just a phone call away or of course you can email us at

Email for your business

One of the most effective ways to transmit our company or business through the web, is to have personalized email accounts, the image of your company plays a fundamental role when communicating with your clients through the web, the objective of This is presenting yourself as a solid company to competitors and potential customers.

We will present five reasons to have personalized email accounts with your own domain:

1. The first impression

Our goal is to create a good impression with our clients, therefore, the first impression is the one that counts the most, with a professional email it will create a feeling of trust and seriousness, this will increase the potential of your company to attract new clients.

2. Create a business image

A generic email address can make your business appear new, or small. A generic email address can make your business appear new, or small. Having multiple email addresses for different areas of your business will help to achieve a much more professional and established company image to gain the trust of your customers.

3. Build credibility and trust

Scammers always exist in the fast-changing digital marketplace, so many of your customers won’t feel comfortable sending personal information to But when you have an email address under your own domain, you are providing a sense of security and peace of mind to your customers that your business is legitimate.

4. A Domain at Low Cost

You can configure an email address under your own domain with minimal effort, we will provide you with a very high quality service so that you can acquire your professional email accounts.

5. Promover el nombre de tu empresa

The best advantage of using your own domain email is that every time you send an email, you are promoting your business, not Gmail or Hotmail. It’s a valuable and profitable way to market your business without spending a lot of money.

Reasons to Choose Our Email Service

1. Secure connection with POP / IMAP: send emails to your clients from Outlook on your computer or phone.

2. Personalized email: make your image gain professionalism with a personalized email with your domain name, eg:

Emails with 25GB of storage: Don’t worry about space, we’ve got you covered.

4. Simple migration: we will help you with an easy and fast email migration.

5. Compatibility: you can combine your Rackspace Email account with Hosted Exchange with the same domain.

6. Simple configuration: we need a username, a password and Done!

7.Encryption: privacy is crucial for any business, with our SSL encryption your information will be more secure.

8. Backups on hand: Did you delete something important? It will be possible recover it in Webmail or from the Control Panel up to 14 days later.

9.Huge attachment size: companies often need to send a large number of files at the same time, our service allows you to send up to 50 MB, this is double that of other services.

10. Custom filters: you can set your own filter rules to send emails wherever it falls.

11. Multiple aliases:you can have as many different email addresses as you want and filter them to your primary email address.

12. Combined domains: Do you have two domains in your name? That’s not a problem, with our service you can receive emails from both domains in an integrated tray.

13. Split Domain Routing– Migration will be a breeze by allowing your emails to flow between your system and ours at the same time.

14.Archived Email:Our service allows you to archive all your emails with unlimited storage and retention at a small monthly cost, you will be able to save and store every important business interaction that takes place in your company.

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