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Outlook for iOS setup guide

1.-Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left and a section will appear to access the settings

2.- Then select «Add account»

3.- In the section that appears select «Add email account»

4.- Then enter the email that we will configure

5.-Then you have to click on the question mark at the top or “No exchange” and select “Change the account provider”

6.- Select IMAP

7.-Now we have to enable the advanced settings and fill in the data as shown below (SMTP host names should not be changed)

  • Mail:
  • Display name: your name
  • Description: Something to help you distinguish the account.
  • Incoming IMAP server:
  • Nombre de usuario:
  • Password: your mailbox password
  • Outgoing SMTP server:
  • Nombre de usuario:
  • Password: your mailbox password

8.-Once finished we will have to wait a few minutes for the emails to be downloaded and then it can be used normally

NOTE: Depending on your version of Outlook it is possible to ask for the ports for IMAP which is 993 and for SMTP it is 465

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