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IT Administration with GLPI and Comtigo

In the IT world you have a countless items to manage , monitor; therefore many tools are available separately.

It is difficult to have to switch between all the available options, because the interfaces are different and information does not flow between them.

We have a solution called GLPI whose initials in French mean Free Management for Informatics , which allows us to integrate inventory management of computers, printers, telephones, etc., case tracking (tickets), task log with mail notifications and various methods to create a database of the network topology.

Being Open Source, this system has grown over time with plugins that add functionalities such as: Fusioninventory that allows taking HW and SW inventories using agents on different platforms or even from the network using SNMP.

The Dashboard that presents all the metrics of a Helpdesk with various graphs and reports. You can also have an integration with Shinken to monitor the status of the devices in a network and the performance of its services in a very complete way since it offers compatibility with the well-known Nagios configuration.

Improving information management and case tracking

At Comtodo we develop a plugin for GLPI what do we call Comtigo RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring), which provides an interface more modern and intuitive to various elements such as inventory, dashboard, tickets, projects and reports. It allows us to easily move to the entities and locations that we have and to be able to manipulate the elements in a very dynamic “grid”.

In the case of inventory devices, you can have more extensive information on Windows computers; such as:

  • Deploy application and system events
  • Installed programs and services.
  • Antivirus Status
  • Firewall
  • System Restore Administration.

It also allows remote access to the desktop, with an HTML5 interface that opens another tab in your browser. A command line and file transfer and power control.

A patch management section with its respective links to the corresponding KB article. We can perform well-known package installation tasks such as Acrobat and Java among others, run CCleaner tasks and a Defraggler and run some Powershell scripts.

In order to carry out these tasks, there is a Comtigo agent that is installed in the tray and that additionally allows the easy sending of tickets and the ability to take screenshots. With these tools it is possible to add to GLPI a functionality that encompasses various aspects of information technology managed services in an integrated and powerful way.

For more information about these services you can check our website at:

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