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Outlook for Windows settings

Setting up Outlook for Windows is extremely simple by performing the following steps.

  1. Primeramente, será necesario ir a Panel de control de su computador y cambiar la vista a que los iconos se muestren pequeños.
  2. In this way the option “Mail Microsoft Outlook” will be displayed, which we will click.
  3. To continue we click on “Show profiles” and we will add a new one, to which we will assign a name.
  4. After this we will click on the option “Configure manually”.
  5. From the options that are displayed we will choose the option that says “Pop or IMAP”.
  6. Name: Jhon Smith (your name) *
    • Name: Jhon Smith (your name) *
    • Email: (your email) *
    • Account type: IMAP.
    • Incoming server:
    • Outgoing server:
    • Username: (your email) *
    • Password: ******** (your password) *
  7. Almost to finish, we will click on “More settings”, on the “Outgoing Server” tab and we will enable the option “My outgoing server (SMTP), as well as in the” Advanced “tab, we will change the connection.
  8. Finally, a test will be done, to verify that the Outlook configuration has been done correctly.

NOTE: The data marked with an asterisk is replaced with your personal information, those that are not marked have to be left as

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